At Qmetrics, we specialize in extracting useful features from medical image data.  Typically these features represent biomarkers of disease or injury, such as the location, size and geometric shape of anatomical structures, such as full-thickness cartilage defects.  Sometimes, the anatomic structures themselves are of value, for creating 3D surface models of a particular patient’s bone and cartilage used to manufacture patient-specific surgical tools or cutting guides.  In other cases, precise measurements are useful in supporting the evaluation of disease progression or response to therapy.

In this blog, we profile our quest to create a targeted application of our core technology to help clinicians use new and better information, extracted from medical image data in their routine care of patients.  Please help us by reading, commenting and adding to this blog.  It serves as the center of knowledge bridging the worlds of what doctors wish they had to better inform their practice of medicine and what is currently possible at the intersection of computational science and medical imaging.



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